Bound by Periphery   is an interactive art object that explores aspects of peripheral awareness through human presence and touch. Upon approaching the object, the viewer is revealed a moving, meditative, wave-like image on a screen resting face up on the gallery floor. By crouching down and physically exploring the copper frame through touch, the imagery begins to change; the water becomes clear, colors increase and decrease in saturation, and the speed of the waves slows down. Through presence and an acute awareness of the boundaries of the object, the viewer's experience becomes more dynamic and descriptive.     Bound by Periphery   is   a metaphor for the mind through various states of being contained and containing. A container holds a screen, holding a sequence of video frames, playing over time. While screens can hold an endless amount of data, this object is restrained to the frame of the video. The video frame only allows us to experience what is in view, limiting our field of vision, but upon exploration of the periphery, the focus becomes clearer and transforms. By placing emphasis on the physical presence of the body on the edge of the object, the viewer is offered an incentive to explore, to relieve themselves of tunnel vision, to soften focus, increase awareness, observe, and play.
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