iAm Connected , aluminum, plastic, polypropylene, ear plugs, microcontroller, LEDs, 2016   Several small reflective aluminum objects are mounted on a wall at chest height. In the center of each object is an empty connector. Take, unwrap, and plug in a fresh pair of earplugs.  iAm  offers its user’s an oasis; more than a moment of silence, a chance to disconnect by connecting to oneself. There is no sound, and nothing in view, nothing more than the acknowledgment of participation. A light illuminates above each socket when occupied, feedback for participation.  iAm  challenges users to be comfortable in their bodies in space, and to observe themselves as the primary source of information. Different from the conventional interface technology provides,  iAm  allows it’s users a moment just to be in their bodies. There is nothing to search for, scroll through, or click on – just simply observe the body as the primary source of information. 
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