Ukemochi Goddess Mala


Ukemochi Goddess Mala


Ukemochi is the Japanese Goddess of abundance, nourishment, and kindness. It is said that through her death certain crops were birthed that sustain Japanese culture. Rice, seaweed, and beans, among others, that provide joy, nourishment, and life force energy to the people.

The Ukemochi Mala is strung with the intention “I am nourished.” The red colored beads are metaphysically supportive to this affirmation, including carnelian and red aventurine beads.

Carnelian is a root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra stone. It brings balance to our life-force energy, our lower nature, creativity, play, sexuality and sensuality. It builds passion, confidence, courage, power, and aids in assertive action.

Red Aventurine supports positive forward action in cultivating the energy of the life-force and using our human and divine will to fulfill our intention for the most nourished and supported lifestyle we desire. It inspires confidence and excitement towards fulfilling ones desires.

This mala is part of the Pure Wholistic Alchemy line. The PWA line is a collection of Tibetan Buddhist-style hand-knotted malas. Each design contains 108 beads, one guru bead, and a tassel. During the construction, each bead and knot is set with an affirmation and bathed in the vibration of Tibetan singing bowls. The intentions and vibrations are infused into the mala, so when a practitioner wears or utilizes the mala their meditation practice is elevated. When using a mala during meditation, the practitioner drapes the mala over their middle finger and braces it with their thumb. On each bead, a mantra is stated. The mala functions as a counter during a meditation practice, and also is worn as a symbol or reminder of your mantra meditation practice.

Wearing your Mala

Your mala is a sacred object that is carrying the vibration of conscious intention, and the unconditional love, protection, and support of the universe. During its creation, I set the intention "may the highest good come to pass for all who come in contact with this object," bathed it in the vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls and charged it with Reiki. Know this object's power. Feel its power. Let it be your anchor during foggy moments. Let it ground you in your truth and bring you back to your authenticity. Reflect on the moments you have when you feel its power and its pull. Honor yourself by seeing the truth the object catalyzes and brings to light as you walk your life's path. Nothing is an accident; everything is divinely guided and coordinated for your spiritual evolution.

Created for Evolution

Your mala is going to evolve with you through your life. This growth may take many forms. You may feel called to wear it every day. You may never feel called to wear it. You might not feel called to wear it now, but two weeks or two years from now it may be the only thing that feels comfortable. You might feel called to leave it for extended periods of time in your sacred space or on your altar. You might also feel called to give to a loved one. Know that it will continue to work with you regardless of if it is touching your body. You were called to receive its vibrations, and it is programmed for you and your reality. It is built to connect you deeper to yourself. Be open to what that connection to Self looks like and feels like.


The materials that are composed for your mala are malleable. It is my priority to create objects that add value to the material plane and take into consideration the highest good of the earth, environment, plants, animals, and the human race. For this reason, I choose to work with natural materials.

The threading of your mala is 100% silk. The nature of silk is that it will stretch over time. Your mala will elongate with use, and wear. Know that the gentle gravitational pull of the earth and the loving embrace of your fingertips during meditation will tighten the individual knots separating each bead. Let this evolution symbolize a strengthening of your intention, a solidification of the intention and vibration of its charge into your energetic field and physicality. Let its stretching express love in action.

Each gemstone and crystal, in addition to a healing metaphysical energetic signature, has a specific set of physical properties. Some stones are harder, and some stones are softer. Stones may break for a variety of reasons. Physically, with rough contact to a surface with a hardness greater than the stone, portions of stones may break off your mala. Consider storing your mala in a fabric bag to protect it from any surface harder than wood, or gently rest it on a thicker piece of soft fabric draped across a metal, stone, or glass surface.

Nothing in the universe happens by chance. If your mala breaks, know it is time for a new intention and sequence of stones. Let go, embrace the change, and allow yourself to experience something new.

Transcending Limits & Setting New Intentions

In the event your mala breaks, I offer re-visioning & restringing. Let's co-create something new, and equally inspiring for your next chapter. Pricing for re-visioning and restringing varies depending on the nature of the break and if the mala is in need of replacement stones. Please contact me for pricing.

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