e-NABLE Fellowship - Karuna's Trumpet Holder - Design Revisions

The prints I've been getting of the main part are in need of a few design revisions... The piece between the two brass tubes on the left of the main piece is having a hard time printing, So tomorrow I will take this part out since the piece is rather secure on the trumpet without it.

With the makerware supports, there is quite a bit of clean-up on the inside... But, as long as it's cleaned well, the piece fits.

The set of parts that are attaching the hand piece to the trumpet are really low profile and strong. 

I will try closing the gap between the pink piece and the bottom of the brass tubes. 

They fit perfectly in the case, so would not need to be taken off between uses.
 The valve oil fits in the holes on the bottom piece with plenty of room to spare.

I'm going to try two different versions of the dovetail design tomorrow. I also think I'm going to scratch the pegs all together... I thought that these would be a nice customization aspect of the design - but for now they are superfluous.