Compact Project - Progress - 'smithin' is hard

I've made some significant progress on the construction of my compact mirror-like project... While it's been nice to flex my metalsmithing muscle - my actual muscles are definitely feeling it after two days of going hard at the bench. So, I took the day off of metalsmithing today to finish a few other things and hang out with my dad since he was in town. Here are some pictures from the last couple days...

Safety is not taking a selfie. 

Yes, I realize I should have done this first - but why not really test that smith-muscle and make it ten times harder and do it second ;). 

I've got to make the second one of these rims for the inset acrylic and then add a bottom flange-like thing so I can micro bold down the acrylic. 

I've also been working on a practice hinge - it's crooked, but its proving worth it (had to melt something today).