S100 - Guitars for Vets

I ran into MDB in the hallway and he mentioned he was working on a project with some found guitars... We got to talking and he said that the project is a fundraiser for Guitars for Vets - Each year, Beverly Belfer from the Music Department organizes the donation of guitars to be painted or reworked into sculpture by artists for auction at an event in support of Guitars for Veterans. The guitars are supplied. While she would like for several of the guitars to remain playable, there is an opportunity to transform some into sculptural objects. - Broc Toft, another graduate student at UWM and I have decided to collaborate on a guitar sculpture... It's going to be fabulous.

We met last week Friday and started tearing apart a guitar - I took all the hardware, and he took the neck from our "rock-starred" guitar. I'm going to experiment with surfaces and pattern on most of the pieces I've taken... will do some work on the dark part of the body too... TBC