Machines that Make - Instructions and .stl Files

Throughout the creation of this Machine I have utilized numerous online resources and have borrowed (in some cases - borrowed and modified) lots of open source knowledge, parts and code. Without the information that is available through websites like Thingiverse, github, Instructables, and the RepRap Wiki, the creation of my machine would have been imposible in the amount of time I've completed it.

So, in the spirit of the open source community - I encourage you to download these files and create your own "wall mounted cartesian light machine." (If you want to of course.) OR, make a derivative!

Here is a link to all of the .stl files that have been used in the creation of the "Wall Mounted Cartesian Light Machine." In that folder, you will also find a brief instruction sheet, detailing all of the other components of the machine. Enjoy!

Machines that Make - Carriage

Today, I wired up the LED Matrix for the short axis carriage and designed the mount. The mount is made out of 1/8" acrylic that I laser cut to size. I tapped screw holes for the 2mm screws that came with the LED Matrix for constructing. I welded all of the acrylic parts together with Weld On. I then designed a space for the light to sit further elevated off of the carriage - so that I get the maximum travel distance out of the short axis. The new modified mount works well with the endstop. I've also uploaded a couple videos of the machine in action from when I was testing out code for the movement and the light pattern. I'm pretty happy with the progress... Even though it is doing something completely different than what I envisioned it would do. 

Machines that Make - Mechanism Install

This weekend I installed the mechanism onto the structure of the machine. I've added a 40 teeth pulley to the long axis that I am using with a high torque 60mm Nema17 and a 16 teeth pulley to the short axis that is attached to a 34mm Nema17. I'm using GT2 belts for both axes.