3D Prints for The Collaboratory

 A couple weeks ago, I helped make some sound waves into 3D printable objects for a teen project at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Here's an excerpt from the museum's website about the installation; "Opening Feb. 20, The Collaboratory is a new and unique interactive gallery space co-created with local teen leaders in the Museum’s teen programs. This unexpected treasure trove of arms and armor and precious objects from around the world connects past and present in the Richard and Susan Pieper Family Education Gallery."

I love orange filament. Go check out the Pieper Family Education Gallery to see all of the work in The Collaboratory installation. 

Guitars for Vets - Finished

Broc and I finished our collaboration project for the Guitars for Vets event this past week. We used a some of the back of the guitar to create a tiled pattern of triangles that were laser cut, and used some of the front of the guitar. It kind of looks like fire? I'm not really sure what we were going for exactly, but it's great (!), right? Well, we donated it and hopefully it sold and earned some money for the cause. 

It dried eventually. 

S100 - Guitars for Vets - Progress

Broc and I sketched out some possible compositions for our sculpture on Friday and started cutting some pieces of the guitar up.

Frankie recommended we put some tape over the cut part so we don't get fume marks from when the poly burns. Also, it looks like underwear. 


The laser didn't cut all the way through, but it was convenient to have a nice guideline to sand to.