iAm packaging

Through this series of renderings, I am starting to consider the iAm project as a mindful, seemingly technological, product for mass consumption. These are my initial sketches for an internal packing method. I imagine expanding on this to include an insert about how to assemble the object, how to use the object, etc. All of this encased in a larger die formed or vacuum-formed container branded for sale.

Design for Digital Fabrication - Student Work - Pendent Lamps

 ART277 - Design for Digital Fabrication
Pendent Lamp - Renderings & Prototypes

For this project, students were asked to create a flat pack pendent lamp. They started by drawing the designs by hand, translated those into rhino and created a .3dm, rendered it, and then built a prototype from their files. They were encouraged to combine multiple processes from the class that they had learned so far: 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting. Here are a few renderings and projects exhibited at Arts Tech Night at Kenilworth.

IMA Final Project - Part 2

I am manipulating a few images of water that I recorded out at Atwater Beach last week for my final project in Interactive and Multimedia Art. I've been doing some writing about the work, so I'll just post that here too (below)... I'm not sold on the video presentation yet - so I'm not posting any video documentation until that's better under my control. To see the work live, check out Arts Tech Night at Kenilworth Square East on Wednesday, December 16 from 6PM - 9PM. 

Bound by Periphery is an interactive art object that explores aspects of peripheral awareness through human presence and touch. Upon approaching the object, the viewer’s presence and proximity are sensed; this reveals a moving image on a screen resting face up on the gallery floor. By crouching down and physically exploring the frame of the video, the imagery begins to change; the water imagery becomes clear, colors increase in saturation and the sound of waves and wind becomes evident. Through presence and an acute awareness of the boundaries of the object, the viewers experience becomes more dynamic and descriptive. In this way, Bound by Periphery explores various states of being contained and containing physically through objects as a metaphor for the mind. A container holds a screen, holding a sequence of video frames, playing over time. While screens can contain an endless amount of data, this object is restrained to the frame of the video. The video frame only allows us to experience what is in view, limiting our field of vision, but upon exploration of the periphery, the focus becomes clearer and transforms. By placing emphasis on the physical presence of the body on the edge of the object, the viewer is offered an incentive to explore, to relieve themselves of tunnel vision, to soften focus and play.