Ring Samples

I went into the summer with some Rhino goals in mind, and I've been slowly working through a few of them with a series of ring samples. One of the goals was to increase my "organic" design skills, so I started with exploring curve networks. Coupling these curve networks with some solid primitive forms got me some simple but effective sample ring designs I was able to upload to Shapeways and get printed in a variety of materials. I think these samples will also be helpful to my students in ART277. I got various ring sizes printed to check the tolerances of printing, attempted to incorporate a "tension" held rutilated quartz stone and pushed scale limits. I've gotten about half of the rings from Shapeways, see below. TBC.

On the right in Pink - a stock band I created with curve network, attached to all ring samples. Left - Rutilated capture ring. 

Process capture of creating designs from solids.

With this ring, I tried to go as tight as possible to the minimum limit of material thickness for the top design. I'm calling it the "bite ring." I learned a lot trying to create the curve network for the top.  

The aluminum plastic on the left is hilarious to me because the design I created is meant to reference hammer texture. Oh, metalsmith humor. 

Design for Digital Fabrication - Student Work - Vinyl Tattoo

Art277 - Design for Digital Fabrication
Vinyl Tattoo

For this project students were asked to look to tattoos as inspiration for creating body adornment. They started with sketches, converted those into Rhino curves, and then output the design to the vinyl cutter, cleaned up the sticker and then stuck it on the body/clothing.