e-NABLE Fellowship - Karuna's Trumpet Holder - Assembling Parts for Fitting

View of my work station today.... Definitely the most "handwork" I've done so far on this project - it was great!

I added padding to the gauntlet and wove the Velcro through the slots, but left enough extra to make modifications for when Karuna comes to the DCRL for the fitting. 
Assembling the dovetail attachment. 
Karuna needed to take his trumpet back today, so I made sure to document the pieces on his trumpet really well so that I could have a few shots with the device in place. 
I realized during the documentation process that the holes for the angled mechanism were put on the wrong side - so I modified the piece for the fitting with Karuna by drilling a new hole. 

Our estimation was slightly off - The perfect angle for Karuna was right in the middle... I drilled this hole out and secured the Chicago screw tightly, so the device should work temporarily. We will be printing him a final version after a few minor tweaks to the design next week.