e-NABLE Fellowship - Karuna's Trumpet Holder - Gauntlet V3

I am continuing to use the same techniques for building the surface detailing on the gauntlet as I had in v2, but I'm working towards integrating the functional parts with the aesthetic parts more fluidly. By offsetting surfaces that eventually are boolean differenced from the surface, I am able to add filets in areas that otherwise would be complicated to filet on the actual model. I have noticed in the print that these areas transition a lot nicer in v3 than in v2. 

There are still a few things I'd like to adjust in the form of the gauntlet (both functional and aesthetic), but overall I think these parts are relatively successful considering.

I am also very happy with the process I've found for creating varied surface heights - I am looking forward to spending some time outside of the fellowship developing more complex surfaces for wall relief patterns that can be CNC milled.