Machines that Make - Construction Plans

Ever since I heard a story on NPR about Thad Starner,
I haven't been able to get the idea of social cognition and collective intelligence out of my head. My obsession has been inspiring me to talk more about my work with whoever will listen, in hopes of feedback or ideas.  Lately, my inquisitiveness has lead to many talks about the construction plans for the false wall that will house the mechanism for my machine...

A grad colleague that worked in construction for a while, gave me some good insight on how to construct and deconstruct a possible 3 sided room for the installation... and introduced me to gator board, among other things... Here are some drawings from that chat:

Last weekend when I visited my family for Easter, I also chatted with my Dad about my machine and he gave me some helpful suggestions and drew me a sketch of what he recommends I construct out of metal studs and plywood... 

 While I know I'm probably a little too old to get help from my Dad on my school projects, it sure is fun to collaborate with him, especially since we hardly get to see each other.  We have planned to team up next weekend for the construction...  to be continued!