S100 - Prusa i3 - Custom Aluminium Frame - Part 2

Engraving more logo-love: I CNC machined it. 
 I ended up engraving one side with a larger logo pattern and the other with a smaller variation. Despite the minor alignment issues, I'm pretty happy with the results! The pattern isn't exactly what I had originally wanted (due to careless vinyl application during the etching step) but I'm really happy with the results. MAN - that would have taken a long time to do by hand! I love technology (today). 

 #TOTD (tools of the day)

... And a quick look at it partially assembled. 

I <3 CNC machines  <--- T-Shirts coming soon ;)

S100 - Prusa i3 - Custom Aluminium Frame - Part 1

 This week I designed a pattern to go on the frame of my Prusa i3. I am doing two different surface treatments - etching and CNC engraving. Today, I cut the vinyl sticker on the vinyl cutter for the resist and etched the aluminium.

I had to piece some of the edges together due to scale in Sure-cuts-a-lot being different than Rhino. 
Frankie helped me mix up a batch of root kill, salt and water to etch the aluminium. After agitating in the solution for about 5 minutes, we took out the frame and the results are below. 

Rinsing off all of the reddish-brown build up from the solution. 
Peeling the resist off of the frame was tedious but well worth it for the results. 
I'm really pleased with the level of detail the etching gave me. The natural oxidation of the aluminum is also a nice variation. I'm not sure If I will keep it until the end - but I will definitely wait to see what it looks like with the CNC engraved details before I clean it up. 

To be continued...

Machines that Make - Carriage

Today, I wired up the LED Matrix for the short axis carriage and designed the mount. The mount is made out of 1/8" acrylic that I laser cut to size. I tapped screw holes for the 2mm screws that came with the LED Matrix for constructing. I welded all of the acrylic parts together with Weld On. I then designed a space for the light to sit further elevated off of the carriage - so that I get the maximum travel distance out of the short axis. The new modified mount works well with the endstop. I've also uploaded a couple videos of the machine in action from when I was testing out code for the movement and the light pattern. I'm pretty happy with the progress... Even though it is doing something completely different than what I envisioned it would do.