Compact Progress - Laser Cut Acrylic Insets

I laser cut some acrylic to inset into the compact to diffuse the light of the neopixels. I got the top lid measurement perfect, it fits snug and needs the suction cup to remove it, but the bottom is a little off. I will cut a revised inset for that section. I might switch to a thicker acrylic, but for now I'm going to stick with the two layer approach and sandblast one of the layers for softer light. 

Machines that Make - Carriage

Today, I wired up the LED Matrix for the short axis carriage and designed the mount. The mount is made out of 1/8" acrylic that I laser cut to size. I tapped screw holes for the 2mm screws that came with the LED Matrix for constructing. I welded all of the acrylic parts together with Weld On. I then designed a space for the light to sit further elevated off of the carriage - so that I get the maximum travel distance out of the short axis. The new modified mount works well with the endstop. I've also uploaded a couple videos of the machine in action from when I was testing out code for the movement and the light pattern. I'm pretty happy with the progress... Even though it is doing something completely different than what I envisioned it would do. 

Machines that Make - Mechanism Install

This weekend I installed the mechanism onto the structure of the machine. I've added a 40 teeth pulley to the long axis that I am using with a high torque 60mm Nema17 and a 16 teeth pulley to the short axis that is attached to a 34mm Nema17. I'm using GT2 belts for both axes.