Compact Progress - Internal Hardware Holder

For my compact, I am using (2x) 24 count LED Neopixel Ring from Adafruit, a Gemma microcontroler, and a LiPo Battery.

I took measurements off of each of these items and designed an internal hardware holder for inside both sides of the compact. The bottom has a more complicated holder because it is in charge of the battery and the microcontroller, while the top is simply holding one ring.
TOP of BOTTOM - neopixels & gemma

BOTTOM of BOTTOM - lipo & gemma
TOP - neopixels

Compact Progress - Laser Cut Acrylic Insets

I laser cut some acrylic to inset into the compact to diffuse the light of the neopixels. I got the top lid measurement perfect, it fits snug and needs the suction cup to remove it, but the bottom is a little off. I will cut a revised inset for that section. I might switch to a thicker acrylic, but for now I'm going to stick with the two layer approach and sandblast one of the layers for softer light. 

S100 - The Arduino Stater Kit - Project 12

Knock Lock - This project was fun! I had to trouble shoot the knocking a lot but eventually got the lock mechanism to work. In this project a piezo is used as an input. Depending on the number of knocks the piezo hears it will move the servo to "lock" or "unlock."

I really like the serial monitor, it makes the transition between tech and real easier to understand.