Compact Progress - Pouring Neoprene

So, basically you pour the neoprene that's already mixed into the mold, let it settle for a few hours while water evaporates out of the mixture, and then you can top it off. You can also make hollow-skin like casts with the neoprene if you cast in plaster... I have no idea if this will work in the 3D printed mold without a mold release, but it specifically said on the website not to use mold release, so I'm giving it a shot! This weekend, I think I'll try and pour some neoprene into a plaster mold and see how that goes.

Compact Progress - Internal Hardware Holder

For my compact, I am using (2x) 24 count LED Neopixel Ring from Adafruit, a Gemma microcontroler, and a LiPo Battery.

I took measurements off of each of these items and designed an internal hardware holder for inside both sides of the compact. The bottom has a more complicated holder because it is in charge of the battery and the microcontroller, while the top is simply holding one ring.
TOP of BOTTOM - neopixels & gemma

BOTTOM of BOTTOM - lipo & gemma
TOP - neopixels

Compact Progress - 3D Printed Molds

I designed a couple different size molds for my compact's insulation... There are slight variations that account for the shrinkage that occurs during 3D printing and the shrinkage of the neoprene.... The molds are super simple, but if they work, I may think about creating more interesting molds to cast into.
I'm using a neoprene that I brought through critical coatings. It says on their website that painting the neoprene on is an option for creating a mold, this is something I might consider when doing the final piece and/or future pieces.