Sheila Ring - Finished - it's about time!

So, I finally finished up the ring to bracelet redesign. I am super happy with how the whole process turned went - from designing my first 3D modeled ring, to using a casting service and then post-processing myself. I definitely would get other objects cast in silver through Shapeways. While the cost was only $50.00 to get the design cast in silver, I did spend a considerable amount of time designing, cleaning up the ring, finishing, and setting the stone... so if I had to price out the piece for production, I would probably need to sell this particular ring design starting at around $175.00 to make a profit.  $50.00 for casting, 3 hours for post-processing labor per ring @ $20.00/hr and packaging, plus %60 mark up for profit, with design hours being paid for after the first 2 sales. Compared to a company like Skydog, price is right on par... And their paying rent in LA, which means their jewelry is a steal - GO SHOP NOW!

S100 - Rhino Gold - Bracelet to Ring - Progress

I finished up my sample Shapeways print today - working with my friends bracelet, transforming it to a ring... There were a lot of possible ways to take this design, I just tried to do a bunch of different techniques to test out the service and quality of the company's silver prints. I ended up ordering the final in raw silver, so I will do finishing and patina when the piece comes, as well as set the stone after I take it out of the bracelet. The final design is kind of clunky looking in the rendering... but I'm hoping it won't be so once it's printed... But, worse case scenario I just hack into it to feminize the form a litte more.