iAm - sockets

A couple weeks ago I started experimenting with plasti-flex, the material I am casting the iAm sockets out of. This part is currently functioning as an interface with the wall, a transitioning material. The initial mold was created out of a 3D printed prototype and some left over Oomoo rubber. I wanted to test out the plasti-flex so when I heard someone in the studio had some extra rubber, I just quickly grabbed the test print and a Tupperware to make a test mold. The makeshift mold allowed me to quickly test the colors and flexibility of the material. The fit turned out really nice. 
I've since re-designed and machined a new socket piece for the final mold and have poured some ReoFlex30 over it. I should have some really nice sockets once this mold is ready to be used. TBC

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia - Antoni Gaudi

I visited the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona over winter break. I knew that I was going to be in awe of the architecture, but I hadn't considered the possibility of finding something so familiar. As I came upon the structure I started having the nerdiest thoughts, "I wonder if they did that with a CNC? I bet they did that with a CNC! I could do that. I can't believe this entire thing is being built with a CNC!" The entire thing hasn't been built with a CNC because they started construction in the late 1800's but, a lot of today's fabrication is... It's pretty amazing to walk around the outside and inside of the basilica and to be able to notice process in the aesthetics.

 I absolutely loved how the lights on the capitals reminded me of cabochon jewels, but also fruit hanging from the palm trees.

The light through the windows was absolutely stunning, these images don't do it nearly enough justice. 

Every single detail has been considered. 

These giant metal doors made me drool.

 Below the Basilica was a whole museum dedicated to the process that housed many original architectural models, drawings and current models and drawings. 

 When we walked by this room Tom goes, "Look, their own DCRL!" Be still my heart.

 I'd love to see the crew in action. 

We rode the elevator up to the top of one of the towers and walked down the spiral staircase. It was actually terrifying because it was so windy, but the structure didn't move at all... so that was reassuring. The tops of the towers have mosaic "finial" type structures of fruit and vegetables. They catch the light just right. 

Sheila Ring - Finished - it's about time!

So, I finally finished up the ring to bracelet redesign. I am super happy with how the whole process turned went - from designing my first 3D modeled ring, to using a casting service and then post-processing myself. I definitely would get other objects cast in silver through Shapeways. While the cost was only $50.00 to get the design cast in silver, I did spend a considerable amount of time designing, cleaning up the ring, finishing, and setting the stone... so if I had to price out the piece for production, I would probably need to sell this particular ring design starting at around $175.00 to make a profit.  $50.00 for casting, 3 hours for post-processing labor per ring @ $20.00/hr and packaging, plus %60 mark up for profit, with design hours being paid for after the first 2 sales. Compared to a company like Skydog, price is right on par... And their paying rent in LA, which means their jewelry is a steal - GO SHOP NOW!