Design for Digital Fabrication - Student Work - Vinyl Tattoo

Art277 - Design for Digital Fabrication
Vinyl Tattoo

For this project students were asked to look to tattoos as inspiration for creating body adornment. They started with sketches, converted those into Rhino curves, and then output the design to the vinyl cutter, cleaned up the sticker and then stuck it on the body/clothing.  

iAm - sockets

A couple weeks ago I started experimenting with plasti-flex, the material I am casting the iAm sockets out of. This part is currently functioning as an interface with the wall, a transitioning material. The initial mold was created out of a 3D printed prototype and some left over Oomoo rubber. I wanted to test out the plasti-flex so when I heard someone in the studio had some extra rubber, I just quickly grabbed the test print and a Tupperware to make a test mold. The makeshift mold allowed me to quickly test the colors and flexibility of the material. The fit turned out really nice. 
I've since re-designed and machined a new socket piece for the final mold and have poured some ReoFlex30 over it. I should have some really nice sockets once this mold is ready to be used. TBC

Stand alone? iAm

After rendering the pieces on the wall, I started to wonder what it would look like if they were all mounted onto a stand alone steel frame... I like how minimal the wall version looks compared to this... I wonder what this would look like suspended from the ceiling vs. coming up from the floor. The desert shot makes me chuckle.