IMA - Midterm Progress

For my midterm project in Interactive and Multimedia Art, I am creating a projection that will respond to amplitude. It was my hope that this would encourage use of speech, and inspire people to engage in conversation with others around them. So far, my patch is working really well when you blow into the microphone array on my Surface (see at the end of video below), but when you speak and blow into the USB microphone the results are much more subtle (beginning of the video with hello). 

I am acknowledging that the imagery does not directly connect to my other work's way of creating awareness in the viewer, but I do see a direct correlation between the change of the video and voice/breath - a positive correlation. I just don't know how to make it relate more to technology in same why my other work, iAm is. I have thought about having the video imagery be faces, that are reacting to conversation... Maybe that would work better and relate more to human - human interaction.