Compact Progress - Cradle Hinge is on but....

WOW. I got a lot accomplished on this thing last week and never posted about it... But that could also be because this is one of those moments where you make something and it's just how you want it, and you're super happy - but then you realize you lost sight of your intentions... WHOOPS! I forgot the holes for the cord :(. I might be able to improvise something though...  Still thinking on how I will solve this problem without ruining my aesthetic.... TBC!

Before the hinge....

Yes, I did file out the entire hole for the cradle.... I am that insane.

A little book help never hurt.

I am using a couple magnets for the closing/clasping mechanism.

Seams got a little messy, but I got it in one shot!

I soldered the hinge tubes on almost perfectly, with what I'm calling the "Tim Method" - marking position with a file, rather than soldering with the tubes and no-flo. 

Stops pretty nicely... I will eventually cut down the tubes so that they flow more with the contour of the compact... and also figure out what to do with those wires... HA! Like I always say (?) /// (In making, well everything you do for that matter) There's never too many problems - you should always make some more for yourself... I guess I say that now ;)

S100 - UWM @ Morning Glory - FORM event photographs

Here are some images I took of the show this past weekend at Morning Glory. FORM was intended to showcase a cross-section of work from recent UWM alumni. Each object represents an aspect of their individual creative practice that was formed in the Jewelry and Metalsmithing program at UWM. Find more information at the exhibition website > here

We made all the displays custom for this show... which was a lot of work, but it surely paid off... I think we had one of the best looking booths at the event. There is still definitely room for improvement, but overall I'm impressed we were able to pull it off in essentially a week. 

Machines that Make - Carriage

Today, I wired up the LED Matrix for the short axis carriage and designed the mount. The mount is made out of 1/8" acrylic that I laser cut to size. I tapped screw holes for the 2mm screws that came with the LED Matrix for constructing. I welded all of the acrylic parts together with Weld On. I then designed a space for the light to sit further elevated off of the carriage - so that I get the maximum travel distance out of the short axis. The new modified mount works well with the endstop. I've also uploaded a couple videos of the machine in action from when I was testing out code for the movement and the light pattern. I'm pretty happy with the progress... Even though it is doing something completely different than what I envisioned it would do.