S100 - The Arduino Starter Kit - Project 08

The LED Hourglass project is essentially learning how to tell time with light. This is a very controlled way to work with outputs. The tutorial recommended programming the LEDs to turn on every ten minutes... but really, who has time to wait an hour for results? So, I programmed mine to come on every 6 seconds... Not a very "square" way to tell time, but it gets the job done.  36 IS the new 60.

S100 - The Arduino Starter Kit - Project 04

For this project, I was introduced to the PWM (pulse with modulation) technique, duty cycles, and photoresistor sensors.

The green photoresistor never seemed to be working... so I tried a few different photoresistors for this particular gel... but, still got the same results. I really like the fading that is being created by the amount of light visible to the sensor... I wonder if this would be a good way to change color in the compact mirror project...

S100 - The Arduino Starter Kit - Project 03

Love-O-Meter! In the video you will see the results I got from the project. The sensor doesn't change very quickly, like I had originally expected it to... I watched the serial monitor a lot during the testing phase... I also modified the temperature variables in the code quite a bit... The temperature range settings I got to work are less drastic than what was recommended.