e-NABLE Fellowhsip - Karuna's Trumpet Holder - Parts & Parts

Karuna is coming to the DCRL in a couple of days to try on the adaptive device to see if there needs to be further modifications for size. I've started piecing together a couple palm/gauntlet sets, so that he can have a few options for fit. This is the most recent pairing - most up to date with most modifications:
v1 of the palm, v4 of the dovetail and v2 of the gauntlet. I thought this was it - but it wasn't - I made the wrong size holes in the palm piece and it was also super thin and too flexible. 

v2.1 of palm, v4 dovetail, v2 gauntlet - when securing these pieces together I noticed that the gauntlet had to stretch pretty far to get around the thickened wrist part of the palm - so I am going to bend the attachment portion of the gauntlet to accommodate an easier fit. 

v3 of gauntlet - 4 holes for adjusting the angle of dovetail - above is in position 2. I still have to add some cushioning material on the inside, and will cut a few slots for Velcro. 

all of the iterations of all of the parts so far --- still more to go on the palm/hand - it is by far the most complicated component. Looking back, I have made so much progress this past month, and built so much skill in Rhino. I'm really pleased with how far I've come. I am excited to see what I'm able to accomplish in the next month as the fellowship wraps up.