e-NABLE Fellowship - Karuna's Trumpet Holder - Palm v3

I spent most of today designing version 3 of the palm attachment. Frankie and I had talked about the potential to eliminate the Velcro on the palm attachment by making a cap for the back - like a socket. The challenge now is figuring out the best way to print this object on a Makerbot... (This leads me to think another iteration is necessary - version 4 will have two parts that interlock.) I am test printing two of these hand pieces currently - one printing on it's "head" and another printing on it's "back." ...Wish me luck!  
I created this top part the exact same way as the bottom - curve network & extruded surface & offset surface solids.

I borrowed wrist curve from gauntlet to create profile.

This profile reminds me of Darth Vader - HA! 

printing on it's head - with supports - probably will fail, but why not try?